The submission deadline for abstracts – 30th January – has now passed. We have received a record number of abstracts for consideration at the conference. Submitters will be notified of the acceptance status of their abstract on 20th March.

The 2015 conference will convene speaking and poster presentations, exhibitors, and panel discussions, focused on the overall conference theme: “Global Interchanges: Resurgence of the Skyscraper City.” There will be five main tracks/session spaces, including four Regional / Theme Rooms (e.g., The Americas Room, Asia Room and Middle East Room) profiling research and development in specific themes or regions.

CTBUH members1 of all disciplines interested in presenting at the event are encouraged to compile a one-page abstract by the 30 January 2015 deadline, showing how their proposed presentation and paper will address the conference theme and synopsis. The abstract should be submitted to the Conference International Scientific Committee using the on-line portal.

All abstracts/papers will be subject to rigorous peer review before acceptance into the conference program. Timing for submission of papers and production of the conference proceeding is extremely tight – please note the Key Dates for abstract and paper processing.

All papers will be published in the 2015 proceedings. Above: Images of Past Conference Proceedings. From left: Shanghai 2014, Shanghai 2012, Dubai 2008

Please also note that competition for oral presentations at the conference will be extremely high. Some papers will be accepted for poster presentation, with the paper included in the proceeding. For each accepted paper – including both oral and poster presentation papers – one presenter will be eligible to register for the conference at the subsidized presenter registration rate.

As the recognized international authority on tall buildings, CTBUH conferences differ significantly from the many commercial conferences that are now being held around the world, in terms of both quality of knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities (see industry leader endorsement statement here). Dissemination of best-practice information is of primary importance at every CTBUH conference. Thus, every presentation given at the 2015 Conference will be substantiated by a paper, which will be rigorously peer-reviewed and published in the conference proceeding: a series of high-quality books which form an important historical archive long after the event has ended. At the 2014 Shanghai Conference this constituted four separate books, totaling 1,344 pages in combined length. Every New York 2015 delegate will receive a digital copy of the 2015 books, with an option to purchase in hard copy, at a special conference discounted rate, in advance of the conference, or at the event itself. See more on the proceedings here.

1 All presenters at the 2015 conference must be CTBUH members at either the organizational or individual level. To see if your company is already an organizational member of the CTBUH, see the full list here.