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Report by Peng Du

This tour was kindly supported/organized by:

Delegates met in the lobby of 7 World Trade Center, where they were given hard hats and safety vests for their journey to three of the buildings at the World Trade Center site in Downtown New York. The tour, organized by SOM, began in 7 World Trade Center, the first office building to be rebuilt as part of the site’s redevelopment. The first six floors of the tower house an electrical substation, which provides power to much of Lower Manhattan. Visitors walked through the private WTC marketing and design center to see models, renderings, and animations of the project. Here they got an overview of the project’s sustainable design features and technological innovations that were implemented with the goal of revitalizing the Downtown Manhattan neighborhood.

Next, the group visited the construction site of 3 World Trade Center, which has a triple-height lobby with ceiling heights reaching 64 feet (19.5 meters) and a podium containing trading floors. The offices have floor-to-ceiling glass windows, offering views of the entire World Trade Center site and the rest of Manhattan. The design of this building exceeds the standards set out by the New York City Building Codes and aims for LEED Gold Certification.

Delegates then toured the recently completed, award-winning 4 World Trade Center, visiting the 57th floor of the building, which offers spectacular 360-degree views of the city, as well as the 9/11 Memorial Park. The tower was the first tall building to open on the new 16-acre (6.5-hectare) World Trade Center site. Visitors learned about the complex engineering and architecture challenges that mark this historic project.

For more data, news, research papers, videos and the companies involved in the building, visit The Skyscraper Center.

Skyscraper Center Profile – 7 World Trade Center

Skyscraper Center Profile – 3 World Trade Center

Skyscraper Center Profile – 4 World Trade Center

4 World Trade Center
Building Image Building Image Building Image Building Image Building Image Building Image Building Image Building Image Building Image Building Image

7 World Trade Center Figures

Height: Architectural 226.5 m / 743 ft
Height: Occupied 206.8 m / 679 ft
Height: To Tip 226.5 m / 743 ft
Floors Above Ground 49
Floors Below Ground 1
# of Elevators 29
Top Elevator Speed 8.1 m/s
Tower GFA 156,181 m² / 1,681,118 ft²

3 World Trade Center Figures

Height: Architectural 328.9 m / 1,079 ft
Height: To Tip 328.9 m / 1,079 ft
Floors Above Ground 69
Floors Below Ground 4
# of Elevators 37
Tower GFA 260,129 m² / 2,800,005 ft²

4 World Trade Center Figures

Height: Architectural 297.7 m / 977 ft
Height: Occupied 279.9 m / 918 ft
Height: To Tip 297.7 m / 977 ft
Height: Observatory 218 m / 715 ft
Floors Above Ground 65
Floors Below Ground 4
Tower GFA 232,258 m² / 2,500,004 ft²